3 ‘Pure Panic’ Stains And How To Remove Them

We’ve taken a look at three stains that can induce pure panic when they end up on your! Here’s how to remove them by using our cleaning solutions.

We’ve taken a look at three stains that can induce pure panic when they end up on your carpets! Here’s how to remove them by using our easy guide. When using any cleaning solution, it’s important to always test for colourfastness by first trying the product in an inconspicuous area to check if the surface is colour-safe.

1. How to get red wine out of carpet

You’re enjoying a glass of red wine when, suddenly, the worst happens and the glass is tipped over and you find your precious carpet with a deep red stain. Don’t panic! Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover is a Which? Best Buy Carpet Stain Remover and it works by disrupting the chemical bonds of the stain rendering it colourless thanks to its unique oxy cleaning action.

Follow these simple steps to remove red wine from your carpet: Prior To Use:

This product is safe for use on wool carpets. Not suitable for use on silk, velvet, brocade, vinyl, leather upholstery, oriental rugs or those materials not suitable for wet cleaning. Always check an inconspicuous area for colourfastness. Apply a small amount and wait two minutes then blot away with a paper towel and check for colour transfer. If carpet colour is affected, do not use this product.


For best results treat stain immediately. As with any cleaning solution, the use of household rubber gloves is recommended. Do not mix with chlorine based bleaching products. Use only in well ventilated areas.

  1. Remove any excess liquid with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towel.

  2. Take bottle and shake well and then turn nozzle to the ON position.

  3. Generously spray Oxy Power Stain Remover evenly over the affected area and let stand for 3 to minutes maximum. Do not over wet the area.

  4. Lightly agitate the stained area with a clean, damp, colour safe sponge or cloth – working from the edge of the stain towards the centre, pressing deep into the stain.

  5. Blot away with absorbent white paper towel until dry

Repeat as necessary. Heavy stains may require more than one application. Allow carpet to dry thoroughly between applications. Wash hands after use.

2.How to get urine out of carpet

Pet puddles, nappy overflows and incontinency accidents can all happen from time to time and, if not properly treated, hard urine crystals can form in the carpet pile making it difficult to remove both the stain and odour. Don’t panic! We use a special enzymatic technology which overnight destroys urine and other organic stains and odours. It is especially effective on carpets, upholstery mattresses and pet beds. The sources of odour and stains that are deep within the carpet are eliminated for good.

Follow these easy steps to remove urine from your carpet.

Prior to Use: Apply a small amount of Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator to the affected area. After one minute blot using a white, absorbent cloth and check for colour transfer to be sure surface is colour-safe.


When possible, act quickly since dried urine can sometimes have a bleaching effect on carpets and fabrics.

  1. Remove any solids or excess liquids.

  2. Turn nozzle and generously spray area. If using for urine or other penetrating types of stains, be sure to thoroughly wet area allowing product to reach backing and pad. Do not blot or wipe – enzymes need moisture to work.

  3. Place a damp colour-safe towel over the treated area and let dry naturally. In most cases it’s best to allow area to remain moist overnight. Highly contaminated areas may require a second application.

  4. Once dry, if discolouration remains, simply dampen with water and blot.

3.How to get coffee stain out of carpet

Unfortunately, a coffee spill is one of the most common household stains. When coffee gets into your carpet (especially a light coloured one) you might think there’s no hope of getting it out. Don’t panic! With the cleaning power of our Spot & Stain Remover, coffee stains can be cleaned up in no time.

Prior to use:

Apply a small amount in an inconspicuous area. Blot using a white, absorbent cloth after one minute and check for colour transfer to be sure surface is colour-safe. User assumes all risks.


  1. Remove any solids or excess liquids.

  2. Generously spray area.

  3. Lightly agitate stained area working from edges toward centre.

  4. Blot with a paper towel pressing deep into stain. (Difficult stains may require a second application)

  5. Rinse with water and blot to dry.

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