Decluttering Your Home for a Better Spring Clean

Spring is the time for flowers, warmer weather and cleaning. It’s the season when householders spring into action to tackle the year’s mess. So, where did spring cleaning come from? To clear things up, we spoke to Stephen Munton, founder and director of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA).

When Did Spring Cleaning Start?

Spring cleaning goes back to a time when oil and wood heated homes in the winter. On a warm spring day, the whole family would clean the soot and grease away. Nowadays, a spring clean is simply a big clean in the spring.

“Historically, homes were not well lit. In the darker winter months, you couldn’t see the dirt. Open fires were also used to heat the home, which added to the dirt build-up. With the fresh light of spring, the bulk of it was removed in one long process.”

Modern Living and Cleaning

Does spring cleaning have a place in modern living? Opinions are split: some support spring cleaning, while others think regular cleaning is more effective. Everyone has different routines, but don’t wash your hands of spring cleaning just yet.

“I think the idea of a spring clean is very dated and the need to do a full, deep clean each spring is long gone. I’m a great advocate of cleaning-as-you-go, so there shouldn’t be that much to do for a spring clean.

“Turning the whole house out once a year to clean it is unnecessary as we have so many ways of tackling the housework every single day. It’s a good idea to set aside one or two days each year to do those cleaning jobs which don’t need doing very often.”

Even for regular cleaners, spring cleaning is the chance to make sure everywhere is spotless. We’re talking #no-dust-above-the-door spotless. Adam Cox, founder of Spring Cleaning Week, says:

“Spring cleans are different because they are only done once in a while. It’s an opportunity to clean places you wouldn’t normally, and thoroughly clean the places you do.”

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