When you move.....

When moving these things are a must......

Find the mains.

Make sure you know where the trip switches, water and gas mains valves are, as you may need to turn them off in an emergency. If you can’t find them, ask the estate agent or landlord to show you where they are. Also check smoke detectors are working and on each floor. It is helpful to find where your bins are located and what day collections are.

Grab your camera and take snapshots.

If you are renting and have not received an inventory take dated pictures to use for when you move out and wish to secure the return of your deposit. Photo all bumps, scrapes and cracks. If you own the house? Take a quick capture of a room before you decorate, proof of the transformation will keep you motivated when you have been glossing skirting boards for 60 hours.

Make sure you make an ‘Open first’ box filled with useful things like bin bags ad toilet roll. Put some plasters and a couple of teabags in there too. Then, celebrate with your first takeout meal in the middle of your living room floor.


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