Keeping a Dealership Clean

Commercial Cleaning for Auto Dealerships

The cleaning and automotive industries are similar in many ways. They both rely on creating a great first impression for their customers, with an understanding that they represent the brand of their product and service. For the cleaning, it begins with the quality of our Vanderhorst Enterprises Commercial Cleaning Team that delivers a high level of customer service.

Our Car Dealer Janitorial Services

To help you present the greatest first impression possible, your Vanderhorst Enterprises Team support your business objectives with seamless commercial cleaning and specialized services and benefits.

  • General cleaning – offices, lobbies, waiting areas, and the parts and service department

  • Special attention to showroom floors

  • Streak-free washing of display windows

  • Hardwood floor maintenance

  • Auto scrubbing of service drop-off, service bays and body shop floors

  • Office and cubicle cleaning including phones and exposed surface disinfection

  • Shampooing carpets using various techniques

  • Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories

  • Provisioning of all general lavatory supplies

  • Dusting sales racks and displays

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Parts and service department cleaning and removal of hazardous chemicals

  • Recycling services for office materials and unneeded auto parts

  • Parking lot sweeping and power washing

  • Special event clean-up

We take pride in the Vanderhorst name, just as your dealership prides itself in the automobile brands it sells and services. They are professionals with extensive training and experience in all facets of dealership cleaning, which include the service bays, windows, showrooms, customer wait areas, and specialized floor care.

Showroom Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Extending the life of flooring, in particular is critical in the car showroom. Vanderhorst Enterprises implements all of the essential elements of a comprehensive floor cleaning program to enhance the quality of the floor’s appearance, and ultimately ensure the longevity of the floor through proper care.

The critical elements that Vanderhorst Enterprises addresses for your floor care ensure that:

  • The tasks performed are specific to floor type.

  • The frequency of the tasks performed is appropriate to the traffic and floor type.

  • The training received for each specific task is integrated into the process of floor care.

  • The tools used to perform tasks are state-of-the-art and in perfect working order.

  • The chemicals used (as applicable to a particular task) to perform tasks are the best for the floor type.

  • The time to perform tasks is sufficient.

All of these elements combine to ensure that your floors create the best setting for your automotive products.

The positive first impression created promotes not only a good workplace environment but also a good feeling for all customers who enter your doors.

To request a cleaning service proposal or additional information, please contact us today by calling 252-717-1915.

Taking Pride in the Details

Vanderhorst Enterprises Commercial solutions focus on all elements of commercial cleaning, including attention in the details. When you hire us to clean your auto dealership, we’ll:

  • Dust flat surfaces – windowsills, baseboards, kickboards under counters

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Wipe high touch surfaces – door handles, light switches

  • Sanitize telephones

  • Wiping cabinets, countertops and appliances

To support your operations in emergencies, Vanderhorst maintains 24/7 toll-free telephone access for emergency customer service issues and is able to respond within 90 minutes for emergency calls. Vanderhorst also maintains an emergency continuity plan and a pandemic plan in the event of a local or national emergency.

Vanderhorst brings the knowledge and experience to the table to be able to maintain the highest sanitation and cleaning standards, which are quintessential to your facility’s safe operation. They’re ready to consult with you to plan, carry out, and maintain your facility’s very serious business mission.

To request a cleaning service proposal or additional information, please contact us today by calling 252-717-1915 .

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Vanderhorst Enterprises

Founded by Curt Vanderhorst and his wife Melanie back in 1998, we’re a professional Janitorial Service that’s proud to offer our services to clients throughout North Carolina and the surrounding area. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting the best people to join our team. We aim to not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations of what a dependable Janitorial Service can be.

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